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University of Oxford

Staff within the Faculty of Oriental Studies

Staff teaching and researching on Japan

Dr J Corbett (Japanese Economics)

Dr Inge Daniels (Japanese anthropology)

Dr Linda M. Flores (Modern Japanese Literature)

Professor Bjarke Frellesvig (Japanese linguistics)

Professor Roger Goodman (Japanese social anthropology)

Ms Junko Hagiwara (Japanese language instructor)

Dr Phillip T. Harries (Classical Japanese literature)

Dr Ekaterina Hertog (Japanese sociology)

Ms Hiroe Kaji (Japanese language instructor)

Professor Takehiko Kariya (Japanese sociology)

Dr Sho Konishi (modern Japanese history)

Dr James Lewis (Japanese and Korean history)

Professor Ian Neary (Japanese Politics)

Ms Kaori Nishizawa (Japanese language instructor)

Mr Gian-PieroPersiani (Classical literature)

Dr Clare Pollard (Japanese Art)

Dr Mark E. Rebick (Japanese economics)

Dr Kerri Russell (Japanese linguistics)

Professor Mari Sako (Management studies)

Dr Tomo Suzuki (Management and accounting studies)

Dr M. Antoni. J. Ucerler, S.J. (Japanese culture and history)

Dr Pamela Wace (Japanese archaeology)

Dr Stephen Wright Horn (Japanese linguistics)

Library and Information Resources

Mrs Izumi K Tytler

Mrs Izumi K Tytler is the Bodleian Japanese Librarian at Oxford in charge of the Japanese resources. She is situated at the Bodleian Japanese Library (BJL) at the Nissan Institute . Other staff include Yuki Kissick (Assistant Librarian), Rie Williams, and Hitomi Hall.
Tel: (01865) 284506
Fax: (01865) 284500
E-mail: japanese@bodley.ox.ac.uk Website: http://www.bodley.ox.ac.uk/dept/oriental/allegro.htm

The University's principal collection relating to Japan is housed in BJL. The Library holds about 16,200 Japan related books in western languages and about 75,000 in Japanese. It receives 129 Japan-related journals in western languages and 506 journals in Japanese. The annual expenditure on Japan-related library resources is about 80,000 to 90,000; and the annual intake is approximately 3,000 volumes. The prime responsibility of the BJL is to acquire current material in support of teaching and research as undertaken by Oxford specialists in Japanese, both in the general humanities and social sciences, regardless of the language in which this is expressed or the place of publication. In scope, the collection is restricted to the humanities and social sciences, in which works are acquired which relate to the history and culture of Japan . With the exception of the history of science, no attempt is made to collect in the field of the natural sciences, which are the responsibility of the Radcliffe Science Library (the Scientific Books Department of the Bodleian Library). As far as finance permits, all major works of reference are acquired. The history of the Bodleian Japanese language collection goes back to the first days of the Library, the earliest acquisition having reached the Bodleian as early as 1629. The collection comprises manuscripts and antiquarian printed books as well as modern publications. The fields of literature, religion, history and politics are particularly strongly represented. The collection of Japanese local histories is probably the foremost such collection outside Japan . Works in European languages are extensively acquired. In cases where these come to the Library under the terms of copyright deposit, certain titles are duplicated for inclusion in the loan collection.

Address Pusey Lane
Telephone 01865 278200 Fax 01865 278190 School E-mail address orient@orinst.ox.ac.uk Website http://www.orinst.ox.ac.uk/