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The duration of the Japanese Honours degree is 4 years. In year one, the focus of study is Japanese language. Year two is spent in Japan, at Kobe University. In the third and fourth years, specialist study is emphasised, and students choose several options from among subjects such as: classical literature, modern literature, social studies, politics, economics, history and linguistics. In the third and fourth years it is possible to study an additional language: Chinese, Korean, or Tibetan. In the final year, students wrtite a 15,000 word undergraduate dissertation.

Study Period Abroad

The students spend all of the second year of the course at Kobe University.


The following degrees are offered in the Faculty of Oriental Studies:
MSt Japanese Studies (1 year, taught master's)
MSt Oriental Studies (1 year, taught master's)
DPhil Oriental Studies (Japanese)
The School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies offers the following taught master's degrees:
MSc in Modern Japanese Studies (1 year)
MPhil in Modern Japanese Studies (2 years)
There are Japan-related PhDs in progress in many departments within the Humanities Division and the Social Science Division.

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