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Staff within the Department of East Asian Studies

Professor Richard Bowring
MA, PhD, LittD. (Cantab)
Subject Specialisation: Japanese literature, religion and thought; (Chair of Japanese Studies; Master, Selwyn College)

Professor Peter Kornicki
MA, MSc, DPhil (Oxon)
Subject Specialisation: History of Japanese printing & publishing; reading and literacy in Japan (Professor of East Asian History; Fellow, Robinson College)

Dr Barak Kushner
BA (Brandeis), MA, PhD (Princeton)
Subject Specialisation: modern Japanese history; modern Chinese history; Sino-Japan relations; food history; Asian comedy; film; material culture; media history; propaganda; social mobilisation; history of ramen; legal history and postwar (Lecturer in Modern Japanese History; Fellow, Corpus Christi College)

Mrs Haruko Laurie
BA (Keio), MLitt (Cantab)
Subject Specialisation: Methodology of teaching Japanese; anthropology (Senior Language Teaching Officer in Japanese)

Dr Mark Morris
BA, PhD (Harvard)
Subject Specialisation: Modern Japanese Literature, Modernism and film (Lecturer in Japanese Cultural History; Fellow, Trinity College)

Dr Brigitte Steger
Mphil, PhD (Vienna)
Subject Specialisation: Japanese society; daily life-midwifery, sleep, time (Lecturer in Modern Japanese Society; Fellow, Downing College)

Dr John Swenson-Wright
MA (Oxon), MA (Johns Hopkins), DPhil (Oxon)
Subject Specialisation: Japanese-US relations; post-1945 Japanese politics and international relations; Cold War history (Lecturer in Modern Japanese Politics; Fellow, Darwin College)

Mrs Toshimi Boulding
(Lector in Japanese)

Associates of the Department of East Asian Studies


Staff who lecture/carry out research in Japanese Studies but are not in the Department of East Asian Studies

Dr Simon Learmount Centre for Business Research
MA (UEA), MBA, PhD (Cantab)
Subject Specialisation: Corporate governance in family owned technology companies in Japan.

Dr George Olcott Judge Business School
BA (Oxon), MBA (INSEAD), PhD (Cantab)
Subject Specialisation: Japanese organizations and organizational change; Japan; impact of foreign ownership and control on Japanese organisations

Prof. Nick Oliver Centre for Business Research
MA; PhD (Open)
Subject Specialisation: Japanese manufacturing methods; the emulation of Japanese methods by western companies; Japanese manufacturing investment overseas (Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour & Manufacturing Management, Judge Institute)

Dr Jocelyn Probert Judge Business School
BA (Exeter), PhD (Cantab)
Subject Specialisation: the comparative behaviour of Japanese firms; the Japanese variety of capitalism in comparative context; national systems of innovation; the pharmaceutical/biotech industry; the clothing and textile industry; the retail chain industry

Library and Information Resources

Mr Noboru Koyama
Librarian Tel: 01223 333155
Fax: 01223 333160
E-mail: nk10000@cam.ac.uk

The Cambridge University Library holds about 10,000 Japan-related volumes in English and over 100,000 volumes in Japanese, including the Early Japanese Books Collection (there are 10,000 pre-Meiji volumes and 3,000 titles). The Library subscribes to between 15 and 20 Japan-related journals in English and about 350 in Japanese. There is an annual budget of £46,000 for Japanese monographs and between 1,000 and 1,500 volumes are added to the collection each year. In 1991, the Library received a set of microfilms covering all 160,000 works published in the Meiji Period held in the National Diet Library in Tokyo with the support of Mitsui Marine and Fire Insurance. The Cambridge University Library is a Deposit Library and is also one of the 'backup' libraries for the British Library Document Supply Centre including Japanese language materials.

There are online catalogues in both romanised and vernacular forms as well as an author/title card catalogue. Also there are two published catalogues in book-form - Early Japanese Books in Cambridge University Library: a Catalogue of the Aston, Satow and von Siebold Collections by Nozomu Hayashi and Peter Kornicki (Cambridge, 1991) and Classified Catalogue of Modern Japanese Books in Cambridge University Library by Eric Ceadel (Cambridge, 1961). The Cambridge University Library is the centre for the UK Japanese Union Catalogue project, which Mr Koyama chairs (see the Japan Library Group section).

The Library is also the centre for the Union Catalogue of Early Japanese Books in Europe project. An additional new wing to the library, the Aoi Pavilion, has been built with a personal gift from Mr Tadao Aoi, President of the Marui Department Store. It was opened in 1998 and houses the East Asian Studies°« information resources.

In addition to the Cambridge University Library, there is also a teaching library held in the Faculty of Asian and Middle East Studies which contains 4,000 books in English and 300 in Japanese. This is run by Mrs F Simmons.

Address Sidgwick Avenue
Cambridge CB3 9DA
Telephone 01223 335106 Fax 01223 335110 School E-mail address admin@ames.cam.ac.uk Website www.ames.cam.ac.uk/